Duxbury vs. Barnstable: Friday Sept. 16, 2016 

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Duxbury’s Devin DeMeritt Dominates! #RedemptionRun

Duxbury High's football program has been sitting on a gem going on four years now. That gem is in the form of slot/running back, Devin DeMeritt, who followed up a dominant high school career with a terrific start to a 2015 season that was cut short by injury. What's exceptional about the 6-foot-1 DeMeritt - isn’t that he does one or two things at an elite level, it's that he can beat a defense in a multitude of ways.

After seeing his performance last night there is one thing that is crystal clear - he’s back better, faster and stronger than ever; only touching the ball 10 times he scored 5 touchdowns and had 340 all purpose yards. His passion, determination and love for the game embodied what has been termed his “Redemption Run”.

In his film, the following aspects of his game stood out.


DeMeritt had many "splash" plays (plays that went for long distances or game changers) and that was due in large part to his speed at the second level. Generally, all he has to do is make one defender miss, and then it is usually difficult for anyone to catch him before he reaches the end zone. This speed can’t be taught, and has helped him separate himself from other top-tier players. “My #1 goal was to come back 25 pounds stronger and surpass my pre-injury speed” said DeMeritt. Check and Check - accomplished!


DeMeritt’s power and strength stand out on film. Whether it’s running over defenders, breaking tackles our out-muscling defenders, DeMeritt uses his 6-foot-1, 195-pound frame to his advantage. He has total body strength, meaning that he can be just as effective lowering his shoulders as shedding defenders off his legs. This power also shows up while DeMeritt blocks, often a case of him manhandling the player across from him on running plays.


For a position that is responsible for carrying and catching the ball, hands are obviously important. DeMeritt’s hands are exactly what you look for in a pass catcher: Soft enough to not have balls bounce off them, but strong enough to haul just about anything in once it hits his hands. “Devin has the best hands on the team, we can always trust him to protect the ball, every time.” Coach Maimaron


Just as footwork is important for defensive backs, it is equally important for slot receivers. Defensive back coaches stress the importance of "no false steps", which means not to make unnecessary movements that will blow your coverage. DeMeritt is adept at forcing those false steps, and at stopping and cutting while running routes. He also uses subtle foot movements to blow by defenders and, if you watch him block, you’ll see that his feet rarely stop moving.


Watching him, I counted at least three different spots DeMeritt lined up prior to the snap. Regardless of where it was, DeMeritt made plays from all areas. Whether he was tight against the line, just off it or split outside of the formation, DeMeritt made play after play.


It’s really no surprise that multiple colleges are interested in DeMeritt. His impressive on and off the field accolades already include: 3.8 GPA and being named ESPN MIAA All-State Team (pre-season pick), Boston Herald 1st Team Running Back (pre-season pick) and Under Armor Champ. He has wreaked havoc for defenses year-after-year and his rein continues this year. One isn’t looking at a high school athlete playing football, they’re seeing a college football player still in high school.

“It has always been a dream to play at the next level and I’m humbled and honored to have so many amazing opportunities coming my way. I love this game and want to give back to it as much as it has given me.” Devin DeMeritt


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